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Bathroom Safety Checklist

Bring Safety to Your Home's Bathroom

As time goes on, aging at home is becoming more popular and preferred for the elderly population. Millions of older individuals fall every year, so seniors should keep various home safety concerns in mind as they decide to age in place. Now’s the perfect time to check off what safety products you do and don’t have on this list so you know what your next step should be!

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Grab Bar

Grab bars are one of the most popular bathroom safety features, enabling individuals to keep their balance when standing, sitting and maneuvering. One great thing about grab bars is that they can be installed on virtually any spot where you need assistance. You can have a grab bar in the tub, next to the toilet, near the shower or any other location that would benefit you. If you have an in-home caregiver, grab bars are especially helpful for them during patient transfer.

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Shower Chair

Shower chairs, also called bath benches, are especially useful for those with limited mobility. Rather than risking it and potentially slipping or becoming fatigued in the shower, install a bench or chair into your shower. This way you have a secure area to rely on while you get cleaned up - plus, you’re decreasing your chances of slipping in the shower.

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Handheld Shower Head

Going along with the shower chair, the handheld shower head makes taking a seated shower even easier. By removing it from the mount and sitting on your bath bench, you can take a long and comfortable shower without worrying about getting weak from standing for too long.

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Raised Toilet Seat

A common inconvenience many seniors face with age is the struggle of sitting on and standing up from a low toilet seat. With a raised toilet seat with arms, the distance you have to move is reduced by a few inches. While those few inches may not seem like much, they make a world of a difference for those with limited mobility. One great feature of raised toilet seats is that they clamp on for easy installation and can be removed with ease whenever needed.

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A commode is a framed toilet seat with a removable bucket, making getting to the bathroom less of a hassle for those with mobility restrictions. It may be difficult for some older individuals to walk all the way to the bathroom in time depending on where the bathroom is located. To avoid potentially falling while you rush down the hall or stairs, you can keep the commode at your bedside for greater convenience and safety.

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Toilet Seat Frame

If the toilet is where you find mobility to be most difficult, installing a safety frame may be even more helpful than a grab bar or raised seat. The width can be easily adjusted and the only installation necessary is for it to be bolted securely to the toilet. Now, when it’s time to sit down or stand up from the toilet, you have stable arms to use for support.

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Bath Mat

Another great and cheap addition to improve bathroom safety is to add a bath mat to your tub. By suctioning securely to the tub’s surface, the anti-slip design keeps you safe while showering. With a bath mat, you decrease your chance of falling on the usual sleek and slippery tub surfaces by providing your feet with more grip and stability.

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Other Safety Considerations:

  • Clutter: Keep your floor free of clutter to reduce the risk of tripping over objects.
  • Locks: Remove the locks on your bathroom doors so that, if an emergency did arise, help could get to you faster.
  • High shelves: Take frequently used items down from high shelves so you don’t have to worry about reaching to get something every day.
  • Water temperature: Double check what your water heater is set to. To avoid scalding accidents, keep the temperature at 120°.
  • Lighting: It’s important to get rid of dim lighting and switch it out for a higher wattage bulb. This will help you see the area more clearly to avoid fall hazards, see if there’s water on the floor and more.
  • Electrical appliances: Make sure you unplug any electrical appliances that you aren’t using and keep them away from water. This is a general safety rule but is often forgotten about and overlooked.

Now is the perfect time to improve the safety of your bathroom so you can continue happily aging at home. If you noticed some things on the list that you’re missing, take a look at our bathroom safety products to find just what you need. Feel free to give us a call at 920-432-7801 with any questions and to learn more about how we can satisfy your home equipment needs.

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