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CPAP Products Buying Guide

You’ve noticed your uncommon sleeping habits, visited your healthcare provider and ultimately figured out that you may need a CPAP machine. Now it’s time to choose what machine you’re going to use as well as the right accessories to meet your needs. We’re here to make that process as easy as possible by providing you with a CPAP buying guide – follow along below!

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How Can a CPAP Machine Benefit You?

  • Better sleep: It’s no secret that getting quality sleep is important for the overall health of your body. Using a CPAP machine gives you the rest your body needs after a long day.
  • Your bed partner may sleep better, too: Snoring is a common and not-so-fun side effect of sleep apnea which may be frustrating for your bed partner. Using a CPAP machine is beneficial for both you and your partner’s quality of sleep!
  • Decreased daytime sleepiness: The most obvious benefit to using a CPAP machine is having a newfound boost of energy. You can face the day feeling refueled and refreshed like you should after a good night of sleep.
  • Decreased blood pressure: Using a CPAP machine can significantly lower your blood pressure, even allowing some individuals to cut back on their blood pressure medications.
  • Reduced chance of heart problems: Unfortunately, having sleep apnea puts you at higher risk for heart disease and stroke. CPAP therapy is an important step in maintaining a healthy heart as it can decrease those risks.

Have You Received a Diagnosis & Prescription?

Before jumping into purchasing your CPAP machine, make sure you've received a proper diagnosis and fully understand your prescription.

  • Diagnosis: Are you in need of a sleep study to confirm your sleep apnea diagnosis? Reach out to work with our Respiratory Therapists towards getting a proper diagnosis through a sleep study.
  • Prescription: Once the diagnosis is official, you’ll be prescribed a certain pressure to set your machine to. Your machine will have pressure settings, and to make it even easier, it should come pre-set to that pressure level.

Which Machine is Right for You?

  • CPAP, BiPAP or APAP?
    • This is indicated from the results of your sleep study or home sleep test. This is determined by the doctor who reads the study, so here is a definition of each:
      • CPAP: Continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, is the most commonly prescribed form of PAP therapy. It provides a continuous and steady pressure rate throughout the night.
      • BiPAP: Bi-level positive airway pressure, or BiPAP, delivers different pressure rates for inhalation and exhalation. This is provided because not all sleep apnea cases require the same pressure when breathing in versus out.
      • APAP: Auto-adjustable positive airway pressure, or APAP, offers different pressure rates based off your inhalation. This form of therapy has a range of pressure points and is flexible so you can find your ideal pressure range.
  • Quality: While you may be tempted to buy a cheaper machine, there’s a much higher chance that you won’t stick to therapy. You need a comfortable machine with the right features to help you stay compliant. When it comes to PAP therapy, having a quality machine makes a world of a difference.
  • Size: If you'll mostly be using your PAP machine at home, any size should be fine. If you travel, you may prefer a smaller, more portable machine.
  • Ramped up pressure: Ramped up pressure starts you off with a more comfortable, lower pressure level, so it's easier to fall asleep.
  • Heated humidifier: With heat settings on your CPAP machine to control air humidification, you can easily adjust the moisture levels of the air to prevent irritation and make your therapy more enjoyable.
  • Event detection and diagnostic reporting: Having event detection and/or diagnostic reporting as features on your CPAP machine can give you greater peace of mind. Having this information will also allow you to better understand your sleep apnea and its severity.
  • Battery backup: Having battery backup can be comforting in unforeseen instances like weather outages. It’s also helpful for transportation purposes, like if you were to go camping and didn’t have a direct power source. You can always get a separate battery backup unit later if needed.

How Do I Choose a Mask?

Now it’s time to decide what kind of mask to go with. Below are some mask options to choose from depending on what you’re prescribed as well as what’s most comfortable.

  • Nasal pillows: These are tiny tubes that fit directly into your nostrils, made for individuals who primarily breathe through their nose.
  • Nasal masks: This mask forms a tight seal around your nose rather than going directly into your nostrils.
  • Full face masks: Completely covering your nose and mouth, full face masks are ideal for those who breathe through their mouth and sleep on their back.
  • Other considerations:
    • Insurance companies know your needs may change over time and that it may take a bit to find the right mask for you. They'll typically cover periodic replacement. 
    • It can be handy to have more than one option when it comes to masks, so the same parts of your face aren't always getting pressure from the mask.

Additional Sleep Therapy & CPAP Services

We know that starting sleep apnea treatment is an adjustment, which is why we have Respiratory Therapists on staff and on-site, training you how to use, clean and maintain your CPAP machine. The Respiratory Therapists here also provide mask fittings - a try before you buy option. Most places do not do this which is why we take pride in going the extra mile to find the perfect fit for you! We also provide follow-up support, checking in with you once you get home to take care of any additional questions or concerns you may have.

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Now that you're informed about what to consider when buying your CPAP supplies, it's time to check out what Bellin has to offer! We have a wide range of CPAP masks, machines, cleaning supplies and other reliable products. We’re here to make your CPAP therapy experience as positive and simple as possible. Feel free to reach out and connect with us if you have any further questions!

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