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Mobility Products & Services

Recommendations from Certified Experts

Our certified mobility experts are here to help you every step of the way with your mobility products. Whether you need help finding the right solution to meet your needs, or need to be fitted for a specific product, we’re happy to offer support. If you would like assistance with your mobility needs, here’s how our certified experts can help:

  • Answer any questions about your mobility products
  • Provide professional fitting for your power chair, or scooter.
  • Assure you get the RIGHT solution to meet your needs
  • Give you access to product experts & health consultants to find the safest, most effective mobility solution for YOUR needs
  • Offer quality repairs that are completed quickly whenever necessary
  • Help you get where you want to go - With safety. With dignity. With style.

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Power Wheelchairs at Bellin Health Home Care Equipment 

Bellin Health Home Care Equipment offers power wheelchairs from trusted brands like Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies. Each of the power chairs we offer is unique to your needs. Our mobility specialists are trained to work with you to choose the right chair based on your situation, where you’ll be using your chair the most, and the activities you’ll be doing while you use the chair.  

Types of Power Chairs We Offer at Bellin Health Home Care Equipment 

There are four types of power chairs available for you to purchase at our stores in Green Bay and Marinette, Wisconsin. These types include: 

  • Rear-Wheel Drive: This is a four-wheeled power chair that has two large wheels at the back of the chair and two smaller caster wheels at the front. The rear wheels are the drive wheels that propel the chair. Rear-wheel drive power chairs are built to perform well in several different types of terrain because they benefit from the power coming from the rear of the chair. 
  • Front-Wheel Drive: This is another type of four-wheeled power chair, but the drive wheels are at the front of the chair, rather than the back. The smaller castor wheels are at the back of the chair to provide stability. Front-wheel drive power chairs do better at overcoming obstacles that may be in your path, making a great option for someone who wants to really conquer different types of terrain. 
  • Mid-Wheel Drive: Unlike the rear-wheel or front-wheel drive options, mid-wheel drive power chairs have 6 total wheels. The front and rear of the power chair each have two smaller wheels, while the larger drive wheels sit in the middle. Because the drive wheels are in the middle, mid-wheel drive power chairs typically have the most stability for users. Mid-wheel drive chairs also require the least space to complete a 360-degree turn, making them among the most maneuverable options. 
  • Portable lightweight power chairs: These power chairs are lighter and fold for easy transportation and storage.

If you’d like to learn more about which type of wheelchair is the right choice for you, please contact the mobility experts at Bellin Health Care Home Equipment. 

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Mobility Scooters at Bellin Health Home Care Equipment 

Mobility scooters require more activity from the user than power chairs. Unlike power chairs, where control of the device is at your fingertips and attached to your armrest, mobility scooters require the user to sit upright and steer using handlebars. At Bellin Health Home Care Equipment, our mobility experts will help you choose the right mobility scooter. 

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Which Type of Mobility Scooter is Right for Me? 

There are three primary types of power mobility scooters – three-wheel scooters and four-wheel scooters. Below, we’ll identify the key benefits to each type of scooter to help you decide which one is right for you.  

Scooter Type 

What You Need to Know 

Three-Wheel Scooter 

Three-wheel scooters typically are easier to transfer because many of them fold up. They also have a tighter turning radius and are easier to maneuver around obstacles and inside your home. However, three-wheel scooters also have a narrower frame and body, which means they don’t have as much stability and have less room for your feet.  These scooters are intended for smooth paved surfaces.

Four-Wheel Scooter 

Because they have a wider body and broader base, four-wheel scooters are often more comfortable and stable. The added wheel improves stability, which is useful when navigating rougher surfaces and terrain. However, four-wheel scooters take up more room and aren’t as easy to maneuver as three-wheel scooters indoors. 

Outdoor Scooter

Special outdoor models are available to be used off paved surfaces. They feature large off-road tires for comfort and traction and a rugged suspension for increased power on demand and comfort.