Liko Overhead Patient Lift System

Category: Patient Lift

Manufacturer: Liko

With an overhead lift system, you can lift and transfer patients with minimal effort and maximum safety, regardless of how the room is furnished. An overhead lift is always at hand. It is easy to use and it is safe – for the patient as well as for the caregiver.

The Likorall™ 242 S overhead lift system is our most popular overhead lift model and easily handles the majority of common lifting tasks. The versatile Likorall 242 S system offers safe and service-friendly lifting assistance. Safety features include a patented safety drum with speed limiter and electrical and mechanical emergency lowering.

The motor’s 200 cm (79 inches) lifting interval handles lifts from the floor in most environments, and the system can be equipped with a special carriage for easy room-to-room transfers. Simple wall charging via hand control adds to its convenience appeal. Simple wall charging via the hand control.  Electrical and mechanical emergency lowering.

The Sling is Half the Lift

The sling being half the lift is a concept Liko has advocated for many years. Without a carefully selected and well-adapted sling, lifting is not as gentle and smooth as it should be. This is the very basis of our philosophy with our Liko® slings.  In order to develop the optimal lift for your patient, you need to know details such as the physical ability of your patient. Over our 30-year history, we have worked closely with our customers to gain an understanding of both patient and staff needs. This has led to the variety of slings offered for different lifting situations;  12 different styles of slings and various sizes.

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