AccuRelief Dual Channel TENS Pain Relief System

Category: Pain Management

Manufacturer: Carex

Item Number: #CX-ACRL-3000

The AccuRelief™ Dual Channel TENS Pain Relief System is a highly versatile, personal TENS unit for home, work or travel that delivers prescription-strength relief. It’s a powerful unit that allows you to choose from six pre-set body programs or six customizable programs for tailored treatment.

With dual channel functionality, surround your pain with two electrode pads or with four electrode pads. Then choose from one of six preset body programs or tailor your own treatment. With 25 levels of adjustable intensity, finding a comfortable level of relief is simple and quick. It delivers targeted and effective pain relief for 30 minutes.

AccuRelief™ is available without a prescription and FDA cleared for safety. A simple, drug-free solution for arthritic, muscular, joint and back pain relief.

-Natural and drug-free with no harmful side effects
-Surround your pain with 2 electrodes and 1 lead wire or 4 electrodes and 2 lead wires
-12 programs – 6 preset programs that correspond to a selected body part and 6 additional therapy programs for tailored treatment
-25 levels of adjustable intensity
-30-minute treatment session
-Electrode placement guide included
-Replenish with the AccuRelief™ Universal Supply Kit ACRL-0001
-FDA Cleared Class II Medical Device*

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